After losing my home in a fire several years ago, I began to reflect upon ideas of loss; whether it be the loss of a memory or a physical object, which then would only be found in a memory.  My most recent projects are based on this set of ideas and though my concerns are expansive, the images maintain an intimacy that belie their sometimes troubling scenarios.  My work is conceptual photography, in which I use a large variety of photographic techniques to create unreal situations.  All the work is produced in the photographic medium, ranging from alternative processes to digital photographs used within installations.  Though much of the work addresses these themes of memory, loss and grief in a melancholy manner, bright moments of ideas or rebirth and remembrance also emerge.  The works are always presented as a series, thus creating a dialogue and narrative between the pieces.  The photographs are designed to elicit an emotional reaction from the viewer, while allowing them to also connect to their own past memories, whether they be joyful or sorrowful, real or imagined.